Samples of my work to date (all are copyright of the publications named so please do not share further).


I15 MEDIA – providing betting content for US websites

Bundesliga Football Preview

One Game Missing when Pennsylvania Casinos Open


[Please note that the archiving process has resulted in these TF articles not displaying all the fonts or lay-out tweaks featured in the printed version. While that doesn’t affect my contribution, I wouldn’t want anyone thinking ill of my esteemed art editors…]

There Were No Rules… – a retrospective on the early days of English stillwater fly-fishing with one of its ‘lovable rogues’

Master of the Mend – Looking back, Spare the Rod would have been a better headline, as I meet a man turning young offenders’ lives around

The Most Dangerous Man in Fishing – Thankfully putting his martial arts exploits to one side, Wade Brown introduces Far Eastern healing to caster’s elbow

Still Fishing at 102 – I caught up with centenarian Percy Norton with just a year to spare, it turned out

Wading In – my monthly column for the magazine, in which I had free rein to write about what had caught my eye in the previous four weeks

Read on the Fly – my book review page in Trout Fisherman:

Review 1 – page 1, page 2

Review 2


Swing Out Sister – A fishing nun. Just when you thought Brighton couldn’t get any funkier

“I’ve seen Grown Men Cry on the Beach” – Fishing for your country isn’t quite the doddle it sounds


Captain, My Captain  – Profiling skipper Gareth Southgate for the club magazine Claret & Blue

Comeback Kids End 43-Year Wait – For the club’s yearbook, the Aston Villa Review, a match report on the 2000 FA Cup Semi-Final

Crime of Passion – As well as reports and features, I was also asked to provide an op-ed column for each issue of Claret & Blue


Manchester Giants – Part of my press office role was previewing finalists for the programme that accompanied the league’s flagship event, Budweiser Championship weekend at Wembley Arena


An Original Nightmare – Lara 501 – For the cricket magazine JM96*. A record innings in 1994, from the viewpoint of those on the receiving end

Printed Matters – For When Saturday Comes – a piece on the ’90s spate of football clubs banning ‘off-message’ journalists (the article continues on the bottom half of the last two pages)

Courtney Pine – For When Saturday Comes – my tribute to an unlikely hometown hero

Tiger Storms the UK – For Tiger Woods Quarterly – after Tiger announced himself to the world in 1997 with his first major championship, this American publication asked me to follow him at Royal Troon’s Open Championship that same year, and report on the British response to this new phenomenon

Final Farewell – For When Saturday Comes, an obituary for Southampton cup-winning hero, Bobby Stokes

East Sussex National – For Fore! – a review of a high-profile southern golf course


The only one of my sporting loves that I am yet to write about professionally. These dummy articles, copyright me and as yet unpublished, hopefully provide an inkling of what I can do.

Course summary: Site unseen – Royal Melbourne Composite Course

Hole summary: Riviera’s 10th – the greatest short par 4 in the world?

Longform article: Royal St George’s – a masterpiece of mixed opinions


I added this new string to my bow in my time with Trout Fisherman. Despite the logistic advantage of a picture saying a thousand words, it will always play second-fiddle to my writing and I don’t pretend to be an expert, but I’m at least past the stage where part of my thumb is in-shot.

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